Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • You are welcome to the karachijobshub.pk. This site is developed for jobless educated and other visitors who want to explore job opportunities and related information in Karachi. We have tried our best to provide precise and authentic information for website users.
  • Most of the information we provide to our visitors is collected from leading newspapers of Pakistan, web, and official LinkedIn profiles of private companies.
  • We don’t guarantee for the authenticity of information on our website because the information of KarachiJobsHub cannot be consider as the final reference.
  • We request users to confirm any piece of information before taking any action or before getting involve in any activity.
  • Our aim is to provide timely information about jobs, opportunities, & internships to jobless & professionals of Pakistan.
  • The job ads & information that KarachiJobsHub provides is related to the jobs & internships. These ads & information are collected from Govt. institution. Govt. official websites, leading newspapers of the Pakistan and other reliable sources.
  • Finally, this public service platform works in the favor of public straightforwardly. So, we are exempted if ads irrelevant to the website topic is displayed.

Privacy Policy

  • KarachiJobsHub.pk doesn’t collect personal information such as email & passwords and any other information that may help identify user. However, it is completely depends on the user if he/she share his/her personal information in comments or email.
  • In addition, our users must know that the certian pages of website might display user’s names, email, addresses, & comments that will be publicly viewable.

Use of Cookies

  • We only use “cookies” so that we may maximize and personalize users online experience. A cookie is a text document that is stored by a web page server on your system hard drive. These text documents don’t use to transfer viruses and run program on your computer.
  • The key intention to use cookies is to save user’s time. Another main objective is to tell the web server that the user has returned again to the specific page. So, cookies provide quick and accurate results to the users as well as make site experience more personalized.
  • You will be able to customize cookies if you intend to block or allow cookies. If you allow, you will have quick, faster, and accurate user experience. On the other hand, if you block cookies, it will negatively effect the user experience on karachijobshub.pk

Modification of Privacy Policy

  • If we intend to modify the privacy policy of KarachiJobsHub.pk , we will display a notice on our site. This notice will contains the major changes in privacy policy we will do. The notice will be displayed on site 30 days prior before the modification take place. If user didn’t see the notice and 30 days lasts, we will not be responsible in this case.
  • Any time, if you have any question and concern about the privacy policy of karachijobshub.pk or you believe that we didn’t fulfil our privacy policy commitment, please feel free to use our contact us section. We will dedicatedly answer your query and will resolve your problem.

Contact Information

  • For further details on privacy policy or terms of use, feel free to contact us at karachijobshub@gmail.com. Take Care!