Privacy Policy

  • We confidentially committed to the user information. If you have to inquire about or needs information of our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us.
  • In addition, we give higher priority to keep private user information.
    So, at karachijobshub, the privacy of the visitors have high importance
  • We don’t demand any information from users that is personally identifiable.
  • Also, we don’t collect personal information such as mail & passwords from our visitors
  • We only use “cookies” so that we may maximize and personalize users online experience. We don’t use cookies or any tool to transfer viruses & run programs on your system that identify personal information and users preferences.
  • Please note that, we are affiliated with Google Adsense. So we are not liable for cookies collected by Google. The reason is that we believe Google because it provide the white-collar & secure services.
  • If you will share any information with us, we ensure you that we will not use or redistribute it anyway.
  • We take jobs & career information from different media sources such as the leading newspapers of Pakistan, private company’s officials profile and other sources that are copyrights free.
  • At KarachiJobsHub, it is our pleasure that we strictly prohibit allocation
    and disbursement of immoral information.
  • If you see any space left in our services, please co-operate us to make sure the best practices.